Paladin to Gorum, god of battle --- still alive...


straight from nicks email…

“My name is Brandr, meaning by the blade. I was born in the lands far to the north. My people are the Kellids. Constantly battling to survive against the witches of Irrisen, I have been battle hardened for many seasons. My people have always worshipped Gorum and believe ourselves to be his direct descendants. I have been raised as a warrior since birth and fought in countless battles. In one such battle i was seriously wounded and about to be killed, when a flash of red light almost blinded me. A man came to my aid in that flash of light. I saw him vividly yet saw nothing of the real man. He was the largest man ever, covered in the largest spiked and bloodstained armor I had ever seen. Armor that made a giant looked small. The armor covered every part of his body from head to toe. Nothing could be seen of him except for his crimson red eyes. His armor was spiked so fiercely that large chunks of flesh were embedded to the metal spears. He slaughtered the oncoming forces with his massive greatsword. No one was left save him and I. Immediately I knew it was Gorum. I scrambled to my knees and praised his greatness. He grabbed me by my armor and lifted me up to his face. I trembled in fear. He commanded me to go out into the far reaches of the world and bring word of his strength and destroy the forces that would oppose him. Search for ancient arms and armor that would bring glory to his name. Then he flung me to the ground like a child’s toy. When I awoke, I gathered my belongings and sought out the closest temple to Gorum. Promised myself to him and became a paladin of Gorum. Now I seek out the glory of battle in Gorum’s name.”